oddysey Odesseus

to determine their meaning. There is quite a contrast between the deadly and more normal almost helpless females. The Odyssey was written in a time when men played the dominant role. Question: can u define dike and its affects on the characters in the odyssey? The oxen of the sun may be days of the year and if you waste your days you may be dead. Homer paints both positive and negative pictues of women. This quarrel arose at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis and continued when Paris chose Aphrodite the fairest goddess. Question: im doin a report on the odyessy is there any way u could get me the names of his crew and which man is which like who th guy who is always playin the flute etc etc thanx Answer: Eurylochus and Perimedes are part. The fate of the crew demonstrates what happens when you ignore the gods too much and make too many mistakes. This one muse contained all of the features of the later nine muses.

Question: can you compare and contrast hecuba in the illiad and penelope in the oddysey.
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Question: how are calypso and circe different Answer: They were goddesses with different realms. And what logic does Homer use when he decides to present one sort of woman one way and another sort another way? Odysseus had left Ithaca with a fleet of 12 ships and between 240 and 600 men. Rather than romanticizing Homer has spiritualized the story. Question: Who/What is Eurylokhos?