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vicious cycle ensues whereby the developing child creates further idealizations and fictitious selves. He realizes that preferment goes by letter and affection (1.1.36) and not by old graduation (1.1.37). Winnicott explains outward form or secrets of success in terms that speak of either an authentic sense of self or one with a warp. When it exists, the feeling is ubiquitous and as such even includes feelings towards the child. Race, of course, is one of the major themes within.

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All three characters Iago, Othello, and Roderigo had such cases and in the end dealt with different conflicts and outcomes. His emotional life is shallow; he shows little empathy for the feelings of others; his relationships are exploitative and parasitic. Although Iago has a reputation of being full of love and honesty (III, iii, 138 he is responsible for destroying many lives and is considered perhaps one of the most villainous characters in all literature (Godfrey 422). Feelings of envy and jealousy demonstrate these distortions, and to Harry Stack Sullivan, such feelings reveal a limited capacity for satisfaction in interpersonal relations. He lives as if he is interactive with people, but he treats them as things.

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