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actor Harold Norman, who reportedly did not believe in superstition, died after his stage battle became a little too realistic while playing Macbeth in 1947. Let not light see my black and deep desires" (50-51). Macbeth and, banquo for their part in the battle. At this point, the scene recalls Banquo's earlier line when he asked the Witches if they could "look into the seeds of time / And say which one will grow, and which will not" (I:3,58-59). In another 17th-century production, held in Amsterdam, the actor playing King Duncan was allegedly killed in front of a live audience when a real dagger was used in place of the stage prop during the stabbing scene. Some believe Shakespeare brought the curse upon his own play by using authentic spells in the three witches dialogue, while others believe that a production that has been staged for more than 400 years is bound to have its fair share of accidents.

Malcolm's report of the execution of the disloyal Thane of Cawdor emphasizes the dignity with which even a traitor can go to his death, but Duncan's reply is even more ironic. So whats the antidote for accidentally uttering the forbidden word? Then, to the private astonishment of Macbeth, Duncan announces that his successor as king, whenever that may be, will be his son. Exit the theatre, spin around three times, spit over your left shoulder and either recite a line from Shakespeare or unleash a profanity.

He tells Duncan of Macbeth and Banquo s valia nce in defeat of Norway. Later, he tells Macbeth that he is Thane of Cawdor. A summary of Act 2, scenes 34 in William Shakespeare s Macbeth.

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Here, the juxtaposition of images of starlight and the cancellation of starlight emphasizes the great opposition between the king and Macbeth and between good and evil, an opposition that is ironically reinforced by the king's final lines to Banquo, once more praising Macbeth. In the next speeches, for example, the king first invests all those who deserve his thanks with "signs of nobleness, like stars." Only a few lines later, Macbeth, frustrated and angry at the news of Malcolm's investiture as Prince of Cumberland, breathes to himself the. Formal speeches are exchanged, both Macbeth and Banquo giving humble and loyal replies to their king. The irony of giving the earlier "seeds" line and now the "harvest" line to Banquo is that these expressions symbolize the seed, or children, of Banquo himself, who are to inherit the kingdom, according to the Witches' third prophecy. Analysis, the dramatic function of this short scene is twofold. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your visiting. ENotes requires Internet Explorer 9 or greater. Doing so is almost universally believed to bring about bad luck or even disaster.

To avoid the portentous curse, actors refer to the play by a variety of euphemisms such as The Bards Play or The Scottish Play. Either way, most thespians dont want to take any chances.

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