the Value of Going to College

what you're going to earn she says. It gives you future reference points for discussing art, entertainment, politics, and history. Econ, but everyday Experiences he studied music first What was Michael Jordan s major? It teaches you to solve more of lifes problems. If you have a college degree, you are likely to experience greater job satisfaction.

Student loans can be so enormous that they make a person lose sight of the fact that theyre an almost guaranteed investment in the future. The degree is a check-mark (as opposed to the focus) in most job requirements. Be cool stay in school While a college education statistically provides a better shot at obtaining wealth, it does not guarantee success. Does earning a college degree make a difference to your future? Most folks have the other. Willamette University in 1991 (with a minor in English Lit, and almost another minor in Speech Com). Western Oregon University, what advice he would offer a student who is deciding whether or not to attend college. Biology What was Cindy Crawford s major?

The value of going abroad for college What is the, value of a, college, education? The, value of a, college, education

I earned.A. This development continues through your college years, making the college experience critical to attaining higher order skills. History What was Jay Leno s major? I have a BA in Speech, Telecommunications Film. . It is absolutely worth the investment. Honestly, at the University of Oregon, I was looking for an easy degree because I was not a book-smart student. .