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the Ashariyah for the purpose of saving this theory. The theory that Divine Providence does not extend to man, and that there is no difference between man and other animals, implies very bad notions about God; it disturbs all social order, removes and destroys all the moral and intellectual virtues of man. His works ranged from a commentary on the. The portion of the materia prima which. The most evident of the wonders described in the book On the Use of the Limbs by Galen. When we know this, we shall find everything that may befall us easy to bear; mishap will create no doubts in our hearts concerning God, whether He knows our affairs or not, whether He provides for us or abandons. He holds that God controls the spheres and what they contain; therefore the individual beings in the spheres remain permanently in the same form.From the existence of the spheres other beings derive existence, which are constant in their species but not in their individuals. If we were to try to understand in what manner this is done, it would be the same as if we tried to be the same as God, and to make our knowledge identical with His knowledge.

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in its existence would become superfluous.
Sren Kierkegaard argued that objective knowledge, such as 112, is unimportant.
It reminds me everyday how despicable, relentless, superfluous,purposeless and ultimately pointless.
Oscar Wilde on existence.

His righteousness and justice as regards all animals are well known; for in the transient world there is among the various kinds of animals no individual being distinguished from the rest of the same species. His father and mother and all the people worshipped the stars. All acts of God are due to wisdom; no injustice is found in him, and he does not afflict the good. In my larger work, the Mishnah Torah, I have contented myself with briefly stating the principles of our faith and its fundamental truths, together with such hints as approach a clear exposition. These laws, however, presuppose an advanced state of intellectual culture. If they are wicked and sinful and do not allow him to reside there unless he mingle with them and follow their evil behavior, he should go out to caves, thickets, and deserts. Know that for the human mind there are certain objects of perception which are within the scope of its nature and capacity; on the other hand, there are, amongst things which actually exist, certain objects which the mind can in no way and. Which is of course another way to say that increased comparative autonomy and diversity increases stability. This is the diagram of Love Himself, the inventor of all loves. Treatise 3: The Study of the Torah, Chapter 1, Section 9,. He was born in Spain, but spent most of his life in Egypt.

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