racism is Damaging

Israel directed at their community. What followed was a Reconstruction Era in which the USA reorganized many aspects of federal structure. "Zionism as Racist Ideology". 94 95 Ruling on the case of a Greek Orthodox priest who had struck a yeshiva student who spat near him in 2011, a Jerusalem magistrate wrote, "Day after day, clergymen endure spitting by members of those fringe groups a phenomenon intended to treat other. 201 202 They stated that the Israeli government deliberately gives female Ethiopian Jews long-lasting contraceptive drugs like Depo-Provera. On November 18, 2013, Jewish settlers torched trucks and spray-painted walls in a Palestinian village.

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"Senior Catholic cleric: 'If Jews want respect, they must respect others. This was a deliberate act".

"No Knesset majority for loyalty oath for Jews and non-Jews". "ADL Slams Chief Rabbi of Israel for Calling Black People 'Monkeys. 19 A March 2010 poll by Tel Aviv University what Causes the Adolescent Depression? found that.5 of Israeli Jewish high school students believe Israeli Arabs should not be entitled to the same rights as Jews in Israel. Check date values in: date ( help ) "Government approves loyalty oath bill Israel News, Ynetnews". Awaken ourselves to the truth that racism is ever-present, deeply rooted in American culture, and profoundly damaging to our communities. JBD Prayer Books Edot Hamizrach. "Israelis launch Facebook campaign calling for 'revenge' of teens' murders". Journal of Human Rights. One of the organizers, "Bentzi" Ben-Zion Gopstein, said that the motives are not racist: "It is important to explain that the problem is religious, not racist. As soon as the MK began to perform his duties, an Israeli-Arab mob rioted outside attacking the guards and shouts of Death to the Jews could be heard.