symmetry And Balance In Cynewulf And Cyneheard

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And swylc of J am lande gelsestan swylc man dyde toforan ser oj? Beranbyrg Probably Barbury Camp between Swindon and Marlborough. Pa namen hi J;a men?e hi wenden ft ani god hefden. And Ermenred gestrynde twegen sunu a sif ftan wurftan gemartirode offtunore. " Her Eadmund cyning. A Critical Account of the Drawings by Michel Angela and Rajfaello in the University Galleries, Oxford. Among other changes, open courts were much disused, and were superseded by the " hall-mote" or court held in the lord's hall, the mere statement of which readily suggests what 366 notes would follow, and makes the " strange motes" of the text easy. And Harald eorl and a 'Se mid him wseron coman to Bylgeslege. Cestate, 885, 898, 1045.

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