ancient Civilizations in Latin America

San Juan. Largest is in Brazil in the Amazon basin. Natural Resources, oil and natural gas are prevalent in Mexico and Venezuela. Devising a new strategy, Corts built a massive fleet of ships for his next attack. On April 22, 1500, Portuguese explorer Alvares Cabral reached what is now Porto Seguro, Brazil. Earthquakes occur very frequently Mount Popocatepetl smoky mountain Famous volcano named by Aztec Indians Mountains and Plateau Mountain Ranges Sierra Madre Occidentl (runs north and south along western Mexico near the Pacific Ocean) Sierra Madre Oriental (runs along the eastern side of Mexico Sierra Madre. Cortes sought to destroy the Aztecs; however, he knew that he could not go against the Aztec army (which had thousands of soldiers) with his mere band of five hundred and fifty men. The Caribbean All Caribbean islands are located in the Caribbean Sea. Controlled the canal and the land of each side until 2000, when they gave it back to Panama.

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ancient Civilizations in Latin America

The Totonacs were amazed by the Spanish, for they had never seen such amazing things as horses or giant ships before. "Siege of Tenochitilan." World History Database. Vicentina dandifying Abbie, its very ninth overtrade. Other resources found are copper, iron ore, silver, and lead. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. On April 21st, 1519, a group of eleven Spanish galleons led by conquistador Hernndo Cortes reached the island of San Juan de Ula. "Francisco Pizarro." World History Database. Some people of African descent believe in voodoo. The homogeneous unification of Brazil, combined with the centralized government established there, contributed to the rise of monarchy in Brazil following its assertion of independence.

Their contrasting methods of colonization would eventually lead to the vast array of different modern Portuguese and Spanish speaking nations now present in both North and South America. In May, Corts began his final assault on Tenochtitln, attacking it from every direction, with separate divisions assigned to each of the city's three causeways and the warships moving in by water. Word had spread that Cortes had left the islands of the Caribbean and landed on the mainland. The checkerboard grid plan persisted throughout the colonial period. They sent conquistadors to battle further and further inland, taking control of huge amounts of land by killing thousands of natives. However, the pope ordained that Portugal would get all lands to the east of the Line of Demarcation, which included Africa and Asia. Coffee is a major crop.

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