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Ideal owner: Works a 9-to-5 job and has a family who will play with the pet. They feature two stories complete with lofts and a lower level hide-away. For more information on the brands we feed, click here to visit our Retail page. 'It especially helps with "mutt" cats whose breed cannot be determined.'. The Classic Suites are special in that they overlook the lobby and provide hours of entertainment, people watching throughout the day. Otherwise we offer our resort food at no extra charge.

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Own Food, if your cat is dont be ashamed on a special diet (kitten, weight control, etc. They have been described as the 'retrievers of the cat world.'. Deluxe Villa 47 per night * addl. We aim to give your cat all the comforts of home with indoor only and indoor/outdoor rooms, climbing posts and lounging lofts. It is also more temperature sensitive than most breeds being fond of very warm places. Vaccinations/Requirements, at Applewood Pet Resort, every precaution is taken to avoid sickness and out-breaks amongst our guests. Cats with triangular faces (left) are busy, curious, smart and vocal, while cats with rounder faces (right) are more affectionate, quiet and shy.