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country and writing essays on black nationalism, black separatism and, increasingly, pan-Africanism, which ultimately became Carmichael s life cause. Martin Luther King. After they divorced, he later married a Guinean doctor named Marlyatou Barry. Stokely Carmichael was inspired to participate in the civil rights movement by the bravery of those blacks and whites who protested segregated service with sit-ins at lunch counters in the South.

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In one year, Carmichael managed to raise the number of registered black voters from 70 to 2,600 300 more than the number of registered white voters in the county. In 1969, Carmichael quit the Black Panthers and left the United States to take up permanent residence in Conakry, Guinea, where he dedicated his life to the cause of pan-African unity. His autobiography, The River of No Return, was published in 1973. This country is a nation of thieves. When they set up camp in Greenwood, Carmichael was arrested and his frustration was obvious. Suddenly I was burning. One early arrest brought him a particularly harsh 49-day sentence in Parchman Penitentiary in Mississippi. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. "black power!" they roared in unison. "What we are going to start saying now is 'Black Power!' ". Like the rest of us, they were angry about Stokely's unnecessary arrest.