the English Language: Make It Official!

did not vote. Money drives the economy, to grow as an individual English is a must. French would never allow. Deirdre Lol, just make everyone speak German, seriously it shows the absurd lengths this shadow boxing is going. Anon EUs 24 official languages? I know too many want government to manager their lives, but I dont. Bill Williams To productive nations with some self-respect, those clownish, bureaucratic parasites all look like potatoes, especially that one on the right. B So the EU is going to go full Tower of Babel. Paul Taylor Probably they should all start working on their Russian.

The English Language: Make It Official!
the English Language: Make It Official!

In my opinion the EU is like a communist experiment. Laws are dictated by the unelected EU based in Brussels.

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American Merkel and the EU hierarchy will be angling for Arabic Im sure. Bob Well the EU will lose a lot of business because Americans dont speak anything but English. What language do you default to when traveling in EU countries -english? Jakob This debate is not relevant. The plot thickens Gaiga This would be the biggest mistake of few stupid group of people, if you reallly want to brake and divide the Europe make than official french ore german language. How come if the UK and Ireland joined the Communities the same year, month and day?

The easiest way, lets say, between a romanian and a dutch to communicate, is english! English is the official language of the EU because business is conducted in English. What a load of bollocks. Wait until you need a visa to go to London again. Wait, they might leave also Hoss Hah! The one language that is recognized world wide as the trade language has been dethroned.