personal and Financial Consequences of Drunk Driving

driving, and getting caught while drinking and driving high School Proposal can have an adverse effect on your car insurance premiums. One of the hardest consequences for many is having to explain to their friends and family that they have a DUI and how they got. Accidents are by far the worst possible outcome of drunk driving, with nearly 11,000 annual deaths by drunk driving, reported by drunken driving statistics. Industry Financial Considerations, not only does drinking and driving burn a hole in the pocket of those who are convicted, alcohol-related accidents cost the society substantially in quality of life and financial costs. Anyone with multiple DUIs will most likely be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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This may not prevent the minor from getting into college, but it will certainly be a strike against them. A hardship or conditional license is granted in cases where the convicted must drive his car in order to commute to work and school. Examples of community service may include highway cleanup, working at a soup kitchen, or cleaning cages at an animal shelter. This is especially true when driving is a job requirement. After the teen or minor has his license reinstated, he or she may still have to drive under the watchful eye of the courts. However, it is useful to note that the legal consequences of a DWI are much more severe than that of a DUI, and could result in a permanent cancellation of your license. Further, hardship or conditional licenses are not as widely available for minors convicted of DUIs. Even if you have to leave your car in a tow away zone, the cost of getting your car out of impound is a small price to pay. The group also supports the work of law enforcement agencies and officers to help save lives lost from alcohol related car accidents, including a yearly survey of police departments in Illinois to recognize those who have accomplished goals related to drunk driving prevention. Founded in Illinois, aaim was the states premier citizen organization to help prevent drunk driving.

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