stephen Crane, a Naturalistic Writer

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5 a b c d Wertheim (1994. 168 Wertheim (1994. 205 Wertheim (1994. 44 On December 7, 1891, Crane's mother died at the age of 64, and the 20-year-old appointed Edmund as his guardian. "The Red Room: Stephen Crane and Me". Captain captain of the ship, injured when the ship floods,is always calm and quiet; he talks for the most part only to give directions and bears the full responsibility of getting everyone to safety. 247 The Stephen Crane House in Asbury Park, New Jersey, where the author lived with his siblings for nine years, is operated as a museum dedicated to his life and work. 87 Wertheim (1994. Crane became the pastor of Drew Methodist Church, a position that he retained until his death. The Author ul li Born in 1871 in New Jersey, Stephen Crane came from a family who took active roles in the fouding of America. 154 The relocation appeared to give hope to Crane, but his money problems continued.