the Problem of Illiteracy in the United States

percent.S. A critical study of the literature concerning rigidity, British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, Vol. During this time, our nation was deeply rooted in segregation, with many minorities in very low income areas unable to read or write. Economic security, access to health care and the ability to actively participate in civic life all depend on an individuals ability to read.

The Problem of Illiteracy in the United States
the Problem of Illiteracy in the United States

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It can also help take care of the challenge of shortage of education facilities. In India, the rate of illiteracy is nearly 60 percent (1981) and in Bangladesh, over 70 percent (1981). The reverse is true for those who have been brought up by parents with an elaborate educational background. The elimination of poverty, slum housing and unemployment and changes in the opportunities available in the employment sector. The protagonists of the poverty theory such as Passow point to the educational consequences of an environment which reflects low status for the people in impoverished communities. According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 14 percent of adult Americans have demonstrated a below basic literacy level level in 2003, and 29 percent exhibited a basic reading level. 15 percent.S. Lack novel and Movie Comparison for aa of affordable education facilities: Those who live in very remote areas with few or no education facilities may remain illiterate. Yet most histories of literate societies would suggest that apart from the efforts of a few devoted scholars, authors, scientists and clerics to record and express their work in written language most humans throughout history have, for a variety of reasons, failed to make contact. In a situation where the family does not understand the childs condition, it may simply be assumed that he or she is not a bright person and maybe school is not meant for everyone. In addition, reading requires create cavity critical analysis. 620-625 Baldwin Baum, The interruptability of words in speech of nursery school children, A basic research program on reading (ed.

In countries where those who have gone to school have good jobs and reasonable incomes, there may be sufficient motivating factors for people to get rid of illiteracy. Instead, the girl child may be forced into early marriage.