faith of the Amish

the way they live are inseparable and interdependent. Partially based on The Amish In Northern Indiana, by Samuel. They do not believe in infant baptism, but do "sprinkle" for adult baptism, rather than immerse in water. Family members might wash the body before the undertaker arrives. The powerful example of unconditional forgiveness the Amish showed after the 2006 Amish school shooting was a demonstration of the love and grace of God. Amish are less concerned with achieving individual salvation through a personal belief in Jesus Christ. Their clothes don't have stripes or checks. The bishop (leader) of an Amish community (district) sets up the rules of conduct allowed for his district. If their good works outweigh the bad works, they feel God will allow them into heaven. They have a policy of 'non-resistance which means that when governments instruct them to do things that are against their faith, they refuse to do them, but accept the consequences of their refusal without argument.

The denomination is closely related to the Mennonites. The main reasons for doing this are to acquire less expensive farm land or to live in a community that is either more or less strict. Farm machinery is generally horse-drawn, although causes of the Reformation some communities permit tractors with steel wheels as such tractors can't be used on the road. Even so, it can get pretty busy during the "wedding season with some Amish going to two or three weddings in one day! Funeral practices of the Lancaster Amish settlement differ somewhat from those in other areas. The Amish admire large families and tend not to use birth control other than to control the spacing of children. In the afternoon, the young people have a singing, and soon it is time for those who have stayed through the day to enjoy the evening meal.