post Abortion Syndrome

obtain induced abortions as compared to women in appropriate control groups. Raphael, The Anatomy of Bereavement, Basic Books: NY; 1983: 238; Miller,., Testing a Model of the Psychological Consequences of Abortion, in The New Civil War. Recommended post-abortion longitudinal research from 2-20 years). Fergusson and colleagues undertook a re-appraisal of the all the studies (14 in total) examined in previous reviews that compared mental health outcomes between women who had abortions and women who carried an unintended/unwanted pregnancy to term (thereby excluding women who carried a wanted pregnancy. Strahan, Detrimental Effects of Abortion: An Annotated Bibliography with Commentary (Springfield, IL: Acorn Books, 2002, 168-206. Some of these flawed methodologies are: Failing to account for the fact that when asked in a survey whether or not they have ever had an abortion up to 50 of women who have had abortions, do not admit to one.

(Western Report 1998, 29) In the past there has been debate as to the mere existence of Post-Abortion-Stress disorder, this paper will dispel that confusion. Major Beyond Choice: 23-25, supra note. 4 Gissler M., Suicides after Pregnancy in Finland, 1987-94; Register Linkage Study, British Medical Journal, 1996; 313: 1431-34. Substance use associated with prior history of abortion and unintended birth: a national cross sectional cohort study. Furthermore, studies show that the women most likely to drop out are those more likely to be experiencing adverse reactions to their abortions. I was appalled at the lack of research there has been on the topic, however the time to start is now. Janet Daling there is reported fifty percent increase of breast cancer among women under forty five who had induced abortoins. Doctors were unable to reach any conclusion about condition, then on the anniversary of her abortion she experienced overt psychosis. 1996, 12) There has been proven to be an increase in complications because of abortions.

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