mandatory College Attendance

semesters. But thats exactly why it should be questioned. . Attending classes only made sense until we concentrate on taking class notes. It is obvious that students want to attend the lecture only if they understand what is being taught otherwise nobody wishes to be in the class looking at the time. In almost every college either of the batch protest against compulsory attendance. The best universities the world over do not have mandatory attendance requirements; at most they leave it up to the teachers to decide their own grading systems. They might have degrees we can only think about but they do lack the ability to connect to the young minds. But students should be left to choose on this part.

Satire on College Admittance,

As soon as the teacher enters the class the first thing that comes to our mind is that when does the period ends. Students taking six or more credit hours will automatically be billed for the health insurance. Phlebotomy students have tuition of 348 per credit). This fee provides safety red Cross Australia and security services and resources to both online and land-based students. Unlike schools, where students have been together for years, they have great friends and streamlined books. Books and Supplies: 500, transportation: 175, total Indirect Costs: 2,999.

The good things and bad things both are under their control. General Fee: A per credit hour fee charged each semester (fall, spring, and summer) to cover the costs of educating students at Mercy College of Ohio. The Principle Economic Indicators professional obligation to maintain the confidentiality of patient information. Application fee: One-time fee paid when completing an application for admission to Mercy College of Ohio. Socrates In The New Millenium. If the colleges are concerned about attendance issues, they should focus on getting the attention of the students by walking in their shoes. The other flaw of attendance based grades in college must also be stopped and they should attend only those lectures which they like. Loan Fees: 49, housing: 225, meals: 875, personal Expenses/Miscellaneous: 1,175.