12 Angry MenIll Kill Him

apartment in time to see the accused boy running away down the flight of stairs. I was just annoyed over what happened in the e said. At this point, Juror #4 changed his vote to "not guilty as did Jurors #10 and. 22 After another two jurors changed their votes to "not guilty Juror #10, a bigoted garage owner, went off on a racist tirade targeted at the ethnicity of the defendant. Now, when did this panic start and when did it end?" It was clear to Juror #11 that there wasn't a good explanation for the defendant's behavior, unless the boy didn't actually kill his father. The next vote resulted in the twelve jurors being split down the middle, after Jurors #2 and 6 changed their votes to "not guilty". However, if anyone voted "not guilty he wanted everyone to stay and "talk it out". Some jurors argue that the boy was used to violence and therefore would not respond to being hit one more time. Again this point about the accused's motive remains in the balance. If you would like to report an abuse of our service, such as a spam message, please contact. "I feel sorry for you said Juror #8.

I'm so angry with him
I could kill him!

Juror #4 tried to answer by explaining that he was relying on the "unshakeable testimony" of the woman who was lying in bed catholic Church in the Renaissance unable to sleep when she saw the defendant killing his father from across the street. The old man who lived downstairs was also quite precise about hearing the defendant's voice shouting the threat a split second before he heard the body hitting the floor. At the next show of hands, Juror #11 changed his vote to "not guilty explaining that he now had a reasonable doubt as to the defendant's guilt. When the anonymous votes were tallied, the count was ten to one in favor of conviction, which meant that one juror had changed his vote. Juror #11 was troubled by the defendant's act of returning to the apartment where his father had been killed. The downward wound was unusual, for the accused was a good deal shorter than the man he was supposed to have stabbed. "I'm just saying a coincidence is possible." The stunt rattled some of the jurors, who were shocked by the similarity of the two knives, but not everyone was convinced.

Kill, him, I Was, angry, lover.
As we were returning home, I said he should hand me the key to the house and my feeding allowance.
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